Our Recruiting Process

The Call Center Group offers both Contingency and Retained Search options to our clients. When a client entrusts us with an assignment, we utilize a three level simultaneous approach which helps to ensure prompt and in-depth attention to your needs:

  1. First, with 30+ years in the business, we have a database of candidates that is second to none. We match the key criteria in your job description to the specific backgrounds of candidates that we have on file and about whom we have knowledge and history.
  2. Secondly, we utilize our broad network of contacts throughout the call center industry to solicit recommendations of candidates with the skill sets and experience that you require, and who preferably live in the market area where your position is located or who have a willingness to relocate to your area.
  3. Lastly, we advertise your position on our website and on selected specialty websites that allow us to capture any new candidates who have entered the market who we might not be aware of through our two primary methods.

Pure Recruiting

On especially complex assignments, particularly for Retained Search contracts, we are one of the few firms in the nation who still has the expertise and capabilities to do pure recruiting. Via complex methods of data mining and data management, we are able to identify passive candidates who woke up this morning being perfectly happy in their present careers, but who, when contacted by our recruiters with an especially attractive alternative, may become serious candidates for YOUR position. These are generally the top candidates in their fields, and since we are reaching them at a time when they are not actively on the market, you have a much better chance of getting them on your team because they are not actively interviewing with other companies.

Other Aspects of Our Process Include the Following

Resume Screening: All resumes that we receive are thoroughly screened by both our research staff and account executives. We look not only at the quality of the candidate’s experience, but also at how well they have managed their careers. Do they show longevity in the positions held and do they show upward movement when job changes are made?

Qualification Review: We interview each candidate for your position with an eye toward making certain that they qualify in each of the key areas that you have specified. Our interviews dig deep into the candidate’s background, experience, competencies, knowledge base, compensation and any relocation issues to ensure that our candidates are worthy to be presented to you for consideration.

Presentations: When we present you with a candidate to be considered for your position, we do not just send you a resume. You will also receive our presentation notes which include our impressions from the interviews we conducted with the candidate along with their compensation history and requirements as well as specific information on why they are open to making a change and what particularly interests them about your position.

Facilitation: Based on our client’s preferred process, we will help to schedule and facilitate interviews between the candidate and the client. We stay involved throughout the entire process; from making sure our candidates are totally prepared for the interviews and understands the entire interview process, to debriefing the candidate and client, ensuring we are correctly perceiving your needs. Your feedback to us subsequent to an interview, whether positive or negative, creates the benchmark that ensures that we are focused on the right candidate profiles and that we are successful in meeting your needs.

References: Thorough reference checks are completed based on criteria set forth by our clients. We conduct in-depth reference checks at all levels to verify past employment, including past work history, compensation, span of responsibility, leadership skills, knowledge of call center technology & telephony, client relationship skills, communications skills, character, integrity and challenges.

Additional Optional Services: We can see to the administration of any Specialized Testing, Background Checking, Drug Screening, Credit History or Criminal Record Investigation. We subcontract these services and charge you only what the vendors charge us. There is never any mark-up or processing fees for us to coordinate these additional services for you.

Recruiting Process - Applicant

Our Pledge to Our Applicants & Candidates

  1. We will always listen to YOU. We want to know what you want to see in your next position and will do our best to help you achieve your goals and not just try to influence you to be interested in a particular position we are working on at the current time.
  2. We will exercise extreme caution to guard the confidentiality of our relationship with you and the fact that you are considering a position change.
  3. We will NEVER indiscriminately send your resume out to clients without your prior knowledge.
  4. We will respect the geographic preferences and exclusions that you have stated to us.
  5. We will always tell you the compensation range and relocation assistance components of any position that we propose for your consideration.
  6. We will contact you prior to sending your resume and information out to any client. We will give you an overview of the company and the position and make sure that you agree that this is a position for which you would like to be considered.
  7. We will always give you the honest feedback subsequent to any interviews so that you can make informed decisions relative to your status with our client relative to other options you are exploring.
  8. We will represent you, to the best of our abilities, in offer negotiations with our clients.  

We are your ... "Call Center Human Resource Problem Solvers"